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How to be a TA in charge of Exam marking issues

Page history last edited by Jim Davies 3 years, 6 months ago

Beginning of Semester

Please double-check CULearn for quiz dates. Make sure they are correct:


Click “turn editing on” (top right)

Beside each quiz, Edit -> Edit Settings

     Check on text box and make sure dates are correct there.

     Open “timing”

          Verify times are correct (should open for the Friday quiz and close after the Monday alternate time)

     Open “restrict access”

          verify times are correct (restricted between the Friday and Monday quiz times)

     Click “save and return to course” if you made any changes.

Repeat for each quiz.




Check Quiz Questions

Before the first quiz, please go through the quiz questions and make sure that there are no quiz questions from bank categories that are not covered. Sometimes questions accidentally end up on the quiz that are not supposed to be there and it's a big headache for everyone. 


How to help students go over their online quizzes

In normal times, the student comes into your office hours for this, and is not allowed to record the questions or answers in any way. 

During physical distancing, you chat on video, but makes sure you can see their hands so they cannot write anything down.

Go to the cuLearn page for the course.

Go to grades in the administration section on the left.

Find the name of the person you are looking for.

Click the magnifying glass beside their Quiz grade.

To prevent future cheating, it's very important that students never take screenshots, or write or type questions from quizzes. Do not let them write down the questions in their notebooks or on their laptops while you're going over them. 


How to fix a quiz question

Go to the cuLearn page for the course.

In the administration section on the left, click the arrow next to "Question Bank" in order to expand the list.

Click "Categories" to see the list of categories for the quiz (usually faster than searching through all the questions).

Click the number (in brackets) next to the category that the question is a part of.

Click the cog icon next to the question to edit it.

Make the required edits then "Save Changes."

Regrade the quizzes that included that question category (see next section).


How to regrade a quiz

Go to the cuLearn page for the course.

Click on the quiz you wish to regrade.

In the administration section on the left, click the "Results" link.

Click "Regrade all" above the marks on the page.

Wait until the regrading process is complete on the page that opens.


How to change which questions go in which quiz

Enter CuLearn.

Click on the Quiz in the main column

Click Edit Quiz on the left column

To add a question, click Add at the bottom right

     select "a random question"

     select category

     add one random question at a time.

     repeat until all questions are added.

To eliminate a question,

     click the x next to a question

There should be 30 questions per quiz in CGSC1001.

When the quiz has all the questions you want it to have, and none of the questions you don't, repaginate with the button at the top of the questions list. 


How to remove questions and re-weight a quiz

Go to the cuLearn page for the course.

Click on the quiz you wish to edit in the main column. 

Click "Edit quiz" in the left column. 

Find the topic category you wish to remove.

On right hand side, click on the edit icon beside the number "1.00" and change to "0". 


The following is for paper exams only, which we don't use anymore in cgsc1001:


Before each exam


Jim Davies will send you versions of the exam to proofread. Check for errors, confusing questions, and make sure the questions are numbered correctly. 


After the exam

When the scantron sheets come in, bring them and the answer key (From Jim Davies) to the EDC on the 4th floor and turn them in.

Put your email address on it so that it gets sent to you.

When they are scanned, you'll get an email from the EDC, usually within a few days.

Go on CULearn and make sure that the "course total" column is not visible to students.


When you get the results

Open the email and look at the "problem IDs" and try to resolve them, manually entering grades where needed on cuLearn.

Search the file called "Exam Stats" for a ?

this might mean that a question was miskeyed. If it was, email the scanning person and ask that the marks be changed so that the error is fixed. They can do this without rescanning the scantrons.


If the mean is about 66% that's good for a first year multiple choice exam. If it's much lower or higher, talk to Jim. 

Items which have proportion correct values lower than 30% are items which should be considered 
 for possible deletion.
However, in making this decision the discrimination value for the item should also be 
 taken into account.

Also look at the analysis of the questions and look for ones with a low discrimination index. 

Look for questions that have a ? next to them. They might simply be miskeyed. Email the scanning person at EDC to have the key changed and the grades updated (ideally before the grades are made visible by students.) This can be done without rescanning.


Once you are convinced that the grades are meaningful as is, go on to CULearn and "release" the grades. This means:

  • click "grades" in the leftmost column.
  • click the "setup" tab.
  • by the exam, find the dropdown "edit" text. Click it and click the crossed out eye icon.
  • Click save at the bottom.



Go get the scantrons and keep them safe in your office.


Send information to the TAs

Send an email to the TAs (and CC Dr. Davies), attaching the zip file from the EDC that you got, as well as a copy of the exam.

In the body of the email, write:


"Hello Teaching Assistants,


Attached is a zip file. In the file you will find a text file called "advising report." This has information about each student, the answers they put on the exam, which ones they got wrong, and what the correct answers are. When a student comes into your office hours to discuss the exam, you will use their row of information to help them with the questions they got wrong. Here is how you read it: There is a list of things like


This means that they got #3 wrong. They guessed B but the correct option was C. They got 4 wrong too. They guessed A when the correct answer was B. The score on cuLearn is a percentage correct score. As more exams come in (deferrals) you will get more files like these. When a student comes in, you must find their row.

Don't show students the rows of other students. Copy their row and put it in another file for you two to look at.

Do not ever let students leave with a copy of the exam, and do not let them write down questions. Dr. Davies reuses questions every year and we can't let them out into the wild!"


Inform the Students that the grades are released

Then put a message on the course discussion board for the students.

Subject line: Grades are released for the latest exam


"Hi students.


The results of your most recent exam are up. The grade you see is a percentile grade, showing the percentage of questions you got right. If you have no grade, then your exam might not have been scanned yet, probably because you were a distance or deferred student. If you really think it's late, email me and ask about it.


If you want to go over your exam, please go to a TA during his or her office hours. Each will have a record of which questions you got right and wrong. You may not see your actual scantron sheet, because it is impractical to find them in a stack of 825."



As new (distance, deferred) exams come in


Repeat the process above.


As the disabled (PMC) students' exams and deferred exams come in, you will need to get them scanned too. After each upload of grades, the EDC hides the grades. Please make them visible on cuLearn as soon as you can (after bad questions are dealt with). Resend the TAs the new scanning formation so they can help the students.


Students who have trouble with grades might email Jim or you. Jim will forward these emails to you to handle. 




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