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How to be a TA in charge of deferral issues

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Students will email you directly to request deferrals. There is a declaration form in the course dropbox. Students must print, fill out with a pen, photograph/scan, and email this form to you. If they declare that they were ill for the exam, then go ahead and grant their deferral. You might want to check the deferrals folder to see if they are already there, to see if there's any funny business going on. 


If they need to travel for something important, like a family event, death, graduation, or sports event, grant it. If you have a question, email Dr. Davies, but for the most part Dr. Davies will trust your judgment. 


Save all of these scans in a dropbox folder with the filename studentnumber.pdf or studentnumber.jpg

Dr. Davies will share this folder with you.


When setting deferred quiz dates, do not set the date between the Friday-Monday over quiz weekends. Other weekends are fine. 




Deferrals in Brightspace are given to students by granting Special Access through the quiz edit tool for the specific assignment or quiz the student needs deferred. Among other things, granting special access allows you to change the date in which an assignment is due or alter a quiz timeslot – what must be done to give a deferral.


Granting Special access for Quizzes

For quizzes Special Access is granted through editing quiz restrictions which can be navigated to in multiple ways. Below is on example of accessing quiz restriction settings:


  1. When in the course space select/hover the Tools dropdown menu under the Nav bar (left 3 bars in mobile and across top of screen on PC). Select Quizzes which will bring you to the Manage Quizzes tool.
  2. From the Manage Quizzes tool, click on the quiz that needs to be deferred to get to the quiz edit page. Navigate to the Restrictions tab (you will by default be in the Properties tab).
  3. When in the restrictions tab scroll down to the Special Access heading, ensure “Allow selected users special access to this quiz” is selected, and then click the “Add Users to Special Access” button.
  4. Scroll down and select/search for the student you are making the deferral for first (selecting or searching will clear any settings you have made above) under the Users heading. Then, apply the deferral settings under the Properties heading.


Granting Special access for Assignments


Brightspace Resources

Brightspace interface: https://mediaspace.carleton.ca/media/Welcome+to+Brightspace+for+Instructors+%28TLS+Media+Channel%29/1_n67a72pw

Brightspace Support site: https://carleton.ca/brightspace/





You will need to give students who have deferrals for online quizzes a new, special time on cuLearn. This can be done by following the "user override" directions described here: https://carleton.ca/culearnsupport/instructors/setting-up-quiz-overrides-user-and-group/. However, you may need to first be granted "Manage Overrides" permission by Dr. Davies, or directly from Carleton computer services. The current contact at CCS is Ryan Kuhne - RyanKuhne@Cunet.Carleton.Ca







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