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Science of Imagination Laboratory Wiki


Director: Dr. Jim Davies

Location: Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Concept Map of Lab Interest and Activity


The mission of the SOIL is to develop an account of human visual imagination using the tools of artificial intelligence. Our more concrete goal is to build computer programs that can create detailed visual scenes from a small input. For example, a user might request an image of a “cat on a sofa.” A program from SOIL might generate a two-dimensional image (e.g., a jpeg) that depicts a black cat on a white sofa in a living room. In our current work, we are improving the Science of Imagination Lab Imagination Engine (SOILIE) and working on a version of it that creates scenes in three dimensions.



SOIL in the news



Upcoming Conferences




How-To Guides

     How to get involved

     Running Experiments



     Honour's Thesis ideas

     Master's Projects (MCOGSc) ideas

     Github software page: https://github.com/science-of-imagination


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