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Teaching Assistant Information

     How to be a TA in charge of PMC issues

     How to be a TA in charge of deferral issues

     How to be a TA in charge of quiz dates and questions

     How to be a TA in charge of Essay Management

     How to be a TA in charge of plagiarism

     How to be a TA in charge of the term paper

     How to be a TA in charge of the Discord server

     How to grade the essay and term paper

     How to go over a quiz with a student

     How to use Brightspace real-time, 24 chat help 


     obsolete; Melissa Lett takes care of this now.

     How to be a TA in charge of SONA




Running Experiments:

    Get Ethics Approval for Experiments (We use CUREB-A, I believe. Contact Jim Davies if this is wrong)

    Change Ethics to run more participants 

          To run more participants, you'll need to change protocol. Jim see email sub Running more participants for instructions.

    Using SONA for Cognitive Science 

     Making a survey on Qualtrics for use with SONA

    Book time in the Participant Running Room

    Sign Up Participants for an Experiment


    Notes and Tips for Running Experiments

    Using the Lab Computers


    Transcription services


   Running online:

     Crowdflower (like Amazon Mechanical Turk but for Canadians)

     Lab in the Wild (for volunteering) http://labinthewild.org/

     Labvanced: javascript online experiment maker https://www.labvanced.com/  



    Programming in Python

    Create a project on code.google.com

    Interactive Web programming tutorial (Javascript) at http://www.codeacademy.com/

    Math and programming puzzles for self-teaching: http://projecteuler.net/



Getting Published: 

     Equations in Word    

     List of Relevant Publication Venues     

     LaTeX Information

     PDF Converter (Free, Online)

     PDF to Word Conversion: https://www.adobe.com/ca/acrobat/online/pdf-to-word.html

     Travel Funding FAQ

     Making Posters

     Making Demos

     Making Presentations

          Prezi is a very cool piece of presentation software: http://www.prezi.com/

     Making a Podcast and another link

     For Jonathan Gagn√©'s name, alt + 130 = √© 

     What To Do After You Publish


Dealing with Jim Davies: 

    What to do when you're a new lab member

    Send Jim Davies papers or references 

    Prepare an Image for use in LaTeX

    Share your schedule with Jim Davies

    Fill our Reimbursement forms for Jim Davies

    Getting a Letter of Reference

    Meeting Online


Honours Project, Thesis, and Dissertation Issues:

     Thesis Examination Policy

     Thesis Review

     Structure of Dissertation Proposal Meeting


How to get to the places on campus

    How to Get to the Lab Meeting Room (VSIM 5220)

    Jim Davies's office (2205 Dunton Tower)

    How To Get To The Participant Running Room (VSIM 5210N)

    To get keys to the lab talk to Emma Wells (ewells@connect.carleton.ca)


Using Spaced-Repetition Systems

    How to use online supermemo

    How to Use Anki


Creating Wikibook Entries

     How To Format A Wikibook Entry



     Adobe Aftereffects

          Tutorial website:

               basic training: http://videocopilot.net/basic/



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