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on April 17, 2010 at 6:33:50 am
Visual Imagination Modeling
When I say I walked my dog this morning, you can picture what that looks like, even though I have told you nothing about where it was, what kind of dog I have, etc. People bring lots of knowledge to bear on their visual imaginations. How is this knowledge used to create imaginings?
This project's long-term goal is to create a computer-program model of human imagination.
In the short term, I am using the results of psychological experiments and data from image information to create a demo. This demo should be able to take simple inputs (e.g. a cat and a house) and create a visual image that has those elements in them, in a way that has some psychological plausibility. Visuo and the Image Oracle are two sub-projects.
The Lake Cognitive Architecture
Cognitive models are computer programs made to imitate how people think. Many are special-purpose, for one cognitive task. My dissertation was a cognitive model. A cognitive architecture, in contrast, is a piece of software that you use to create models. So it's got a memory system, attention, etc., that 1) help you create specific models with it, and 2) constrain the model you create so it's forced to be realistic. There are only about 15 in the world.


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