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Visual Imagination Software Engineering

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Visual Imagination Model:


          Input comes in as text.

               For example, "A big bird above a tree."


     Project Parse: Parse input words and determine imagination needs.

          Visuo already does a bit of this.


     Project Plan imagining: What goes in the imagagining and where does it go? 

          Visuo already does a part of this

          The Oracle of Objects already does a part of this


          Project conditional probabilities: Use co-occurrence of entities in DB to predict what and where.


     Project Web Retrieve: Get images or 3d models from respositories.

          Project python web retrieval:

               make a simple python program that can make a search query on a web database (DB) and return the results.


     Project place: Put the retrieved images, image pieces, or 3d Models in the appropriate places in the imagining.               



          1. a structured description of a fleshed out scene in Covlan

          2. a image for the user to view, or a 3D virtual environment








          Structured descriptions of quantitative magnitudes involved with the input text

               in Covlan



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