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How to Use Anki

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Why Use Anki?

Anki offers some benefits over other spaced repetition systems (SRSs).  You can download the program to your computer, but you can synch your information online every time you close the program. It's fast, and you can inverse cards easily. Anki is open source, and has a web version.


How Can I Get Anki?

You can download Anki free at http://ichi2.net/anki/

You can use Anki online at http://ankisrs.net/


Decks made by Jim Davies or his Students


How to Make Cards in Anki

The basics of making cards, how to inverse, make cards for lists, cloze, etc.


How to Create and Manipulate Decks in Anki

How to name them, where to save them, how to submit them for others to use, etc.


Synchronizing Decks


    with pictures and other media: http://ichi2.net/anki/wiki/MediaSync

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