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Decks made by Jim Davies or his Students

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Decks for Classes


  1. To download these decks, you must first install Anki
  2. Then, go to file -> download -> shared deck
  3. Type terms into the search bar to find the decks.


If you are studying for classes, there are two ways to use these decks.

  a) download each lecture's deck after you read the chapter or hear the lecture, and 

      merge it in with a larger deck, either for the class, for cognitive science, or whatever.

      You don't need to merge, if you don't want to, but that will mean a lot of clicking when you study. 

  b) download the deck with all of the cards. Do not do both, since the "all cards" deck is nothing more than a merging of all the cards in the other decks.


CGSC 2002 : Theories and Methods in Cognitive Science 

    - ALL CARDS (362 cards total)

     - cognitive historical analysis

     - levels of explanation

     - linguistics methodology

     - making scientific presentations

     - neuroscience methods

     - writing scientific papers

     - ethnography

     - ethology

     - production systems

     - philosophical methods

     - protocol analysis


CGSC 4001 / CGSC 5001 : Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Science

     - ALL CARDS (392 Cards)

     - fuzzy logic

     - commonsense reasoning

     - probability

     - search

     - logic

     - computer vision

     - agents

     - proposal writing

     - natural language processing



     - Syntax in Linguistics

     - Psychological Biases

     - Visual Perception

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