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Nengo is an implementation of the Neural Engineering Framework of Chris Eliasmith. 


Installing Nengo

Download anaconda

Download git

open acaconda prompt

pip install nengo



Get latest version of Code

For the first time:

     Navigate to the directory you want the code in. 

Open a command prompt, 

type git clone https://github.com/science-of-imagination/nengo-buffer.git

(you'll need to right click to paste)



To update,

type "git pull" in command prompt from relevant folder.







Windows button

Anaconda folder, Anaconda prompt

type jupyter notebook

navigate to the folder with the code.

click a program

it will open a new tab with code

menu: Cell: run (all)




Groups of neurons. They represent things, such as where you want to move your hand to, or a sound, or something like that.

The thing that is being represented is a vector. (a undimensional array of numbers)

Separately from that description are the 100 or so individual neurons relate to the thing it represents. 

Let's say we have an ensemble of 100 neurons, and we make an input of two numbers. 

Each neuron responds most strongly to some pair of numbers in the input (e.g., .5 and .02). Each neuron has a "receptive field," you might think.



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