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How to be a TA in charge of PMC issues

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Ventus (work in progress - Abbey)

You can login to the instructor portal at https://ventus.carleton.ca/instructor/ using your MyCarletonOne credentials.


An overview of the Ventus portal can be found here: Ventus Faculty Portal - Overview - Ventus Help (carleton.ca)


If you have questions about the functionality within the Ventus faculy portal, please contact Michael Coady at michael.coady@carleton.ca


If you have any problems accessing your Ventus portal, there is technical assistance available at ventus@carleton.ca and 1-877-557-2930. You may also want or need to talk to MEC (Exam Services). They can be reached at 613-520-2600 x 1571 or Examroom@cunet.carleton.ca 


Adding Notices of Examinations

All quizzes need to be entered into VENTUS ideally at the beginning of the semester and at the very latest 10 days before the exam is scheduled to take place. Because there are two possible exam dates, you will need to add 2 notices of examination for each quiz (one for each possible date students can take the quiz). If done right, entering Notices of Examination will also allow you to offload inputting student accommodations into Brightspace.


1. In VENTUS, at the bottom of the class list, select Add Notice of Examination 

2. You will then be brought to the MEC Booking Form webpage. Select -> New Request

3. Fill out the first page of the booking form as follows: 

     Type of Request -> New Request

     Exam Format -> Online digital

     Digital Exam Service Request -> Online Accommodation Support*

     *Note: By selecting the Online Accommodation Support button, you have informed MEC that they need input all of the accommodations for all of PMC students. As such,      students who are entitled to, for example, extra time, will be given it automatically through Brightspace due to the changes made my MEC. 

4. Enter the course information. This semester, there are two sections of the same course (one online, one in-person) writing the same quizzes at the same time. As such, I have entered one section of the course under Course and selected “yes” for “Is there more than one section writing at the same date and time”. The second section then gets added underneath. 

5. You will then have to complete the online scheduling information. Indicate the primary (first) date for the quiz by selecting the fixed duration within a range button and the appropriate date and time. Note that the calendar runs Monday-Sunday.  (See following page for screenshots)


6. Include the link to the Brightspace Activity. Because a request for online accommodation assistance has been made, you must include the link for the activity in question. You can access the link by copy and pasting the URL of the activity using the web-browser. If your Brightspace Activity is not yet available see Uploading a Link 

7. Include any additional in the comments section (Optional)  

8. Review your submission and click SUBMIT!

Once you complete your examination booking, you will receive a confirmation email. Keep this email for your records. You will need it if you make a change to your booking or upload an exam resource (see following section). If you do not receive an email, you probably did not click the final submission button.      


Uploading a Link


There may be instances when you do not have the Brightspace link when you submit the notice of examination. In this case, you need to submit the link when it is available using the "view" function on Ventus or the MEC Exam Upload Form. You will need to have your booking reference number in order to complete the MEC Exam Upload Form. 




Instructions for Brightspace


In order to access and grant accommodations to students, you need to have the role of “Teaching Assistant (Full Rights)” in Brightspace. If any of the following does not make sense, this is likely the issue and you should contact the professor to get the proper access.


Once that is set-up properly, there are 2 ways to input accommodations (yourself) into Brightspace:

1. Course-Level Accommodations 

For most students with accommodations. This is the way to go. You only need to input their accommodations once for the entire semester. You can find detailed instructions Setting up Accommodations in Brightspace 


2. Accommodations for Individual Quizzes ONLY 

You may choose to use this feature if a student is beginning their intake process with PMC and is under temporary accommodations.

From the main course page, you can click on “Tools” and then “Quizzes”. From the list, select the quiz that you would like to add the special access to. You will have to do this separately for each quiz. Once you are in the quiz, open the “Restrictions” tab. Be careful not to change anything on this page. It looks identical to the next page and is very easy to make a mistake.


Scroll down to the “Special Access” section. This is where you can change the student’s access to the quiz for both accommodations and for deferrals (get to know the deferrals TA because you will be working together). Ensure that the “Type of Access” remains “Allow selected users special access to this quiz”. 


If you click on “Add Users to Special Access” you can start to add in accommodations. Towards the bottom, you will see a list of students. You can find the correct student or use the search function. Check off the student you would like to add. Scroll back up, and you will first see “Availability”. Make sure this matches the time of the quiz. If this is unchecked, the student will have open access to the quiz at any time, so make sure it stays. To make a time accommodation, under “Timing” check “Enforced Time Limit” and you can make the correct adjustments, either by manually changing the time or by entering a multiplier (i.e. 1.5 for students with 50% extra time). You’ll likely leave everything else the same, click “Add Special Access” at the bottom, and you’ll return to the “Restrictions” screen.


At the bottom, you’ll see a list of students with Special Access. Here, you can edit a user by clicking the pencil or delete one with the x.


Unfortunately, due to the way that Brightspace does this, when the time is changed to the alternate time for the quiz, the Special Access users that you have set up will not change and will not have access to write the quiz. So, at some point after the first timeslot but before the second, you will need to edit each student so that the Availability matches the alternate timeslot. You can look at which students write during the first slot and only change those who didn’t, or just change them all. Give yourself lots of time, it is tedious.





PMC students (students that the Paul Menton Centre has verified have a learning disability) will get requested "accommodations." These are usually the need for quiet, solitude, or extra time. 


For CGSC1001, the quizzes are now online, so they are responsible for getting their own quiet and solitude. We do not need to accommodate these students. For those with extra time, you will need to get on cuLearn and change the amount of time the students will be allowed to complete the quizzes. Once you find out how to do this (through Moodle documentation or contacting the EDC, or Carleton's Educational Development Centre), please edit this page with detailed instructions so future TAs don't have to go digging. Thanks.


Normal students get about 1.2 minutes per question (36 minutes for 30 questions), so calculate what the PMC student will need accordingly. 


Dr. Davies will email you these accommodation notices from the PMC. Save them, accommodate them if you can/need to, and hopefully Dr. Davies won't have to ever hear about it. 


This experience counts as experience with persons with disabilities and neurodiverse populations. You can put this experience on your resume as such.





Below is for paper exams only: 


Here is the secret link for booking exam rooms:



CUOL provides the McIntyre exam centre copies of exams and scantrons for the exam, but not for deferrals. When you get an email from Jim regarding PMC deferrals, or book them yourself, please make sure the exams and scantrons are delivered. Find out if they want them electronically or in physical form.


-PMC TA is in charge of proctoring for the PMC students for any of their exams.

-PMC TA needs to process their deferral requests through McEntyre Exam Centre (MEC) (The above link).

for PMC midterm deferrals, you will need to contact the McIntyre Exam Centre directly and ask them to change the exam dates for each of the students.  You will also be responsible to drop off the exams and pick them up once completed (this is only for deferred exams).  For the finals, this will be handled through Scheduling and Exam Services…there is nothing to be done on your part.  The CGSC Department will provide the exams to SES and they will make copies for all PMC students.


 Contact McEntyre Exam Centre for booking deferrals: http://carleton.ca/ses/contact-us/


**booking for midterms done automatically bu CUOL and final by the department not the TA.


Distance PMC students

The student must ensure that his or her Letter of Accommodation has been sent by his/her PMC coordinator 2 weeks before the CUOL exam. The coordinator communicates with Renea Free, who in turn communicates with relevant individuals at the test exam site.


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